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  • Evaluate property rental application for free - Now you can download and test drive realbench for free.
  • Find the best investment property - Take the guessing out of real estate investing with realbench
  • Green and red signals - The application triggers red and green signals that are easy to read.
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Realbench free evaluation property rental application version can be downloaded at any time; the application is designed for rental property investments and it analyzes over nine property indicators easily, rapidly and free of complexity. The green and red signals allow anyone to use the property rental application without prior knowledge of property indicators. The real time calculations can free the investor to concentrate on other investment activities and it also takes out the human error nature of performing the calculations manually.

Free yourself from worries about making the wrong investing decision, simply plug in the numbers into realbench and click the analyze button and let the software crunch all the numbers in real-time. The complexity free results will help you understand each investment's potential without trying getting lost in a field of figures, rather buy if it is green and rejects it is red. The investor is free to drill down into the specifics behind the results should the user desire to do so.

The system is designed mainly for rental properties, but can also be used in other type of properties.