A simple and powerful real estate metrics application.

Know Your Numbers

RealBench is a real estate application for home buyers, real estate agents and real estate investors. RealBench gives you all the financial numbers you will ever need when buying or selling a home, flip property or rental property. RealBench uses simple green and red signals that makes it simple for anyone to use.

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RealBench calculates the following real estate financial indicators for you: 70 Percent Rule, Back-End Ratio, Break-Even Ratio, Capitalization Rate, Cost of Debt, Credit Score Threshold, Debt-Coverage Ratio, Front-End Ratio, Gross Rent Multiplier, Internal Rate of Return, Loan-To-Value Ratio, Market Value Percent, Price Per Size, Price-To-Rent Ratio, Profitability Index, ROI.

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Easily send property reports to clients, colleagues, spouses, partners and lending institutions via email on the go. RealBench calculates all the real estate financial indicators you will ever need when making a real estate decision; RealBench produces simple green and red signals for each indicator to make it simple for anyone to use.

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