• Simple green and red signals.
  • Multi-property comparison dashboard.
  • Easy to read real estate investment financial indicators.
  • Customizable real
    estate investment
    benchmarking settings.
  • Intelligent and professional reporting.
  • Property investment analysis metrics.
real estate indicator dashboard
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Real Estate Investment Software


RealBench is a real estate investment software tool that allows investors take the financial pulse of potential real estate investments rapidly and accurately.

RealBench was designed to help you evaluate potential residential and commercial real estate investment properties. RealBench differs from common real estate investment software by its use of red and green signals that can be understood by novice or advanced real estate investors, real estate agents, real estate brokers, and other real estate stakeholders.

The real difference from other software tools is that RealBench produces red and green real estate investment signals for over nine real estate investment indicators; including:
Gross Rent Multiplier, Cash on Cash Return, Profitability Index, Internal Rate of Return,
Debt Coverage Ratio, Break Even Ratio, Loan To Value Ratio
and other real estate indicators. All automatically calculated by the software in real time.

More importantly RealBench translates the results to plain everyday English so that users can easily understand what the results mean for their pockets. Allowing users to rapidly and accurately flush out the money-making real estate investment properties from the losers.

Find out why so many real estate investors are using RealBench...

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